Refuse To Be A Victim®

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, millions of citizens are victimized annually by personal theft, violent, and property crimes. You do not have to be a statistic. You can choose to refuse to be a victim!

Experts agree the single most important factor in surviving criminal attack is to have an overall safety strategy before you need it. Now, through a three-hour confidential seminar called Refuse To Be A Victim®, you can learn the personal safety tips and techniques you need to avoid dangerous situations, and avoid becoming a victim.

Refuse To Be A Victim® seminars promote awareness and prevention of criminal confrontation. Seminar topics include: home, automobile, phone, technological, travel, and personal security. Seminar participants are presented with a variety of common-sense crime prevention and personal safety strategies and devices they may integrate into their daily lives.

Refuse to Be A Victim® was developed in 1993 in response to requests from women nationwide for crime prevention seminars. In 1997 the program became co-ed. With over 1,500 instructors nationwide, seminars have been presented in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. More than 36,000 women and men have benefited from the program’s life-saving message.

Safety experts agree the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the conscious decision to refuse to be a victim. You stand a much better chance of preventing criminal attack if you develop a safety plan before you need it. That’s why the NRA is offering the Refuse To Be A Victim® personal safety course.

This confidential seminar teaches easy-to-understand tactics you can use to prevent criminal confrontation. In just three hours, you will get the tools you need to develop your own personal safety strategy, including information about:

  • The Psychology of the Criminal Mind
  • Home & Phone Security
  • Automobile & Travel Security
  • Personal Security
  • Self-Defense Tools and Training Options
  • And more!

Please click here if interested in having this course taught at your facility or to your group.


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