Training Offerings

Learn valuable knowledge and skills in a classroom environment and/or at an approved firearms shooting facility. Visit our current calendar offerings planned courses or consider hosting a class.

Come to us or we’ll come to you

Training opportunities include both courses that use a firearm and those that don’t. Classes without a firearms component are suitable for any public or private venue, including schools, churches, libraries, etc. If you‘re interested in scheduling one of the non-firearm classes for a date of your choosing, contact for more information.

Course Offerings

Classes with no firearm/shooting component   (suitable for any public or private venue)

Refuse To Be A Victim® (4 hrs)

Have a personal safety strategy in place and know techniques and tactics you can use to avoid becoming an easy victim. This acclaimed, interactive 4-hour seminar gives you the information you need to help live smarter and be safer.

Principles of Situational Awareness and Avoidance (2½ hrs)

How can you avoid the pain and suffering of a criminal encounter? By not being there. Take a more in-depth look at the principles of situational awareness and avoidance to improve your odds. [Includes scenarios]

Wisconsin CCL (3 hrs)

Get the training you need to qualify for a Wisconsin Concealed Carry License and receive a coupon for one hour of range time at a metro-Milwaukee indoor range to practice your skills. There is no shooting (or live ammunition allowed) during this class so it can be held in any venue that does not forbid firearms.

Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training with NRA Holster Skills Exercises (2½ hrs)
Learn how to safely and efficiently present a handgun from a holster. We provide everything you need, including an inert laser training pistol, holster, and belt.

Courses that include firearms training   (requires an approved firearms shooting facility)

NRA FIRST Steps Pistol + Wisconsin CCL (7 hrs)
Get the training you need to qualify for a Wisconsin Concealed Carry License, plus a live fire segment that lets you train with your gun (or one we provide). As a bonus, live fire qualifies you for other states’ non-resident licenses (e.g., Arizona, Florida), to pick up additional states not covered by Wisconsin.

Defensive Pistol 1 (3½ hrs)
(Prerequisite Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training with NRA Holster Skills Exercises).
This is a range-focused class that includes key topics of: Safe, responsible and ethical handling of pistols; How the NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling apply to concealed carry; Basic principles of concealment; A review of safe holster use. Range drills will reinforce these and basic marksmanship concepts.

Defensive Pistol 2 (4 hrs)
(Prerequisite is Defensive Pistol 1 (DP1).

DP2 is offered in the PM the same day as DP1). This is a range-focused class that teaches skills that include: Flash sight picture; Using cover and concealment; Reloading under stress; Immediate action (malfunction) drills; Speed reloads; and Moving off the line of attack. Range drills will reinforce these concepts.

CANCELLATION POLICY:   Registration fees are non-refundable if you cancel less than 10 days before an event.

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