Introduction to Shooting Sports

This event is offered in cooperation with

The Stone Bank Sportsmen’s Club

Open to Men and Women!

Introduction to Archery Shooting

Introduction to Pistol Shooting Sports

Introduction to Shotgun Shooting Sports

These are non-competitive clinics designed to introduce men and women who have already received some formal training (i.e. -have attended ANY of Heritage Shooting’s events OR any of the following: NRA FIRST Steps course, NRA Basic course, WI DNR Hunter Safety Education, any concealed carry course that included live fire, or private instruction) to different shooting sports with proper instruction and focused on learning safety, additional practical handling and shooting skills with pistols or shotguns, and having fun in a social shooting environment. These clinics are intended for individuals who have fired a pistol or shotgun previously and want to develop their skills further. You will receive one on one instruction and coaching from NRA Certified Firearms Instructors.

This program addresses the most common question from individuals who have participated in our other events or courses – “what can I do next to get better and more confident?”

Program Goals:

  • To teach the basics of shooting sports through additional hands-on experience and to identify opportunities for participants to further participate in those shooting sports to increase their skills and confidence.
  • To provide individuals who have already purchased archery equipment and/or firearms or are considering purchasing archery equipment and/or firearm and have already completed introductory instruction to shooting with additional opportunity to gain experience and learn in a fun, relaxed social environment.

Each event will begin with a required range brief / safety instructional session and overview of the rules and procedures of each of the shooting sports beginning presented. Hands-on participation in those shooting sports will follow.

Additional ammunition for rented firearms will be available for purchase should initial supply be consumed prior to the end of the event. Participants providing their own firearm and ammunition are encouraged to bring extra ammunition. Eye and ear protection will be provided if the participant does not have their own.

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